Objective of the HDNDT

The primary objectives of the Croatian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation of the Croatian Medical Association (HDNDT), as the head professional association of physicians treating patients with renal disease, high blood pressure and renal failure, are as follows:

  1. ongoing professional and scientific education of its members through organizing professional and scientific meetings, conventions, seminars, lectures and courses, i.e. through all forms of ongoing medical improvement;
  2. collaboration with professional scientific and teaching organizations;
  3. the professional representation in the bodies of the Croatian Medical Association;
  4. collaboration with societies and subsidiaries of the Croatian Medical Association in areas of common interest;
  5. proposing measures for improvement of work organization in professional and scientific activities in its area of their profession
  6. collaboration with related professional and scientific associations in other countries;
  7. representing the national interests of their profession in the relevant international associations;
  8. enhancing the health culture of the population;
  9. fostering and developing the relationship and medical ethics among its members;
  10. monitoring and supervising the implementation of health care in patients;
  11. providing expert opinions and analyses;
  12. proposing research projects.

HDNDT 's activities will include continuous professional development of its members through postgraduate courses in the field of nephrology, arterial hypertension, dialysis and kidney transplantation, interactive symposia, seminars and workshops. For a better understanding of the needs of our patients and to improve cooperation, some of the courses and symposia will also be organized for general practitioners. Special lectures will be organized for kidney, dialysis and transplant patients in order to clarify the nature of their illness and treatment methods that improve the quality of their life

Due to the increasing number of chronic patients and the development of medical technologies, HDNDT wishes is to start the Register of Renal Diseases of the Croatian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation ( RBB-HDNDT ) to follow the relevant treatment data of kidney patients and statistically processed them. The register is necessary for the successful treatment of patients with a chronic illness, as well as significant individual manifestations of a chronic illness which require a feedback system involving therapeutic interventions and clinical and laboratory test results relevant for a multi-organ system over a long period of time.

HDNDT aim to establish objective criteria that will allow monitoring of the effectiveness of the medical practices and its procedures, in order to improve and ensure quality treatment for our patients as well as pharmaco-economic and epidemiological aspects.

In order to carry out its tasks and achieve its objectives, HDNDT will require personal involvement of all its members and connect with other similar professional medical societies at home and abroad, pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties.

All the goals are achievable through joint efforts and cooperation. Award for our efforts will be the improvement of ours skill of healing, happier patients and their families and strengthen of our professional reputation in society.

HDNDT Management Board